Make Any Night A Fiesta: Serve Tacos and Fun At Your Next Party!

In recent years, tacos have grown to be a standard meal to offer for supper. It’s turned out to be almost as common in America as french fries and hamburgers! It can also be quite fun to make tacos with a couple of close friends. In this informative article I am going to show you how you can turn any night into a fiesta night while cooking tacos as a group.

The very first thing you need to do is to ask a small group of friends to join you. While you are speaking to them regarding your fiesta night, be sure you tell them you are making tacos. Find out any eating constraints they have, simply because this is going to be useful to make sure everybody can eat the dinner you make. Figuring out the number of people are planning to attend your taco night will also allow you to get the correct amount of food.

After the date is set for your fiesta night, its time to get the food. Make a summary of the ingredients you need. An easy way to minimize expenses is to offer to buy all of the ingredients for cooking tacos yourself, then request your friends to each bring an appetizer. Be sure to tell them what you would like them to bring so that you do not have way too much of something and not an adequate amount of another. When you pick up items to make the tacos you ought to begin with the main filling. Typically, it is some sort of meat like ground beef or chicken. You may also use pinto and black beans or something like that in the event that some of your friends are vegans. Besides the main filling, you will also need spices, some sort of shell, hard or soft, and a variety of toppings. A reliable guideline for the amount to get is approximately 1 lb. of main filling for every 3 visitors. You’ll likely have a bit of leftovers, however that’s far better than not having enough for everyone! When it comes to toppings, make sure to purchase the right amount to match the quantity of filling you got.

Now that you have your meal taken care of, another thing you can plan is how to make the fiesta fun. You’ll want to pick the right music such as salsa or mariachi to create the mood. If your guests happen to be musical, have a hand drum plus a pair of maracas on the table for folks to pick up if they wish. In addition, have a handful of sombreros about for the guests to wear. You might make up games and have the champion get to wear a sombrero for a certain amount of time. When you’re done dinner, you can make or buy a pinata and fill it up with prizes and candies. Have your guests attempt to open it using a stick or some other similar object. As soon as the pinata at last cracks all your visitors will certainly have big smiles as you all scramble on the floor picking up the goodies!

Cooking tacos and having a fiesta night is simple to do and can be very enjoyable. All you need to do is invite your friends to join you, decide on the correct amount of food, and create the atmosphere using some music and fun activities. Simply by adhering to all of these easy steps you will have a fiesta any night of the week!

Fiesta and Friends

When it comes to social gatherings, sometimes the “let’s get together and sit around and talk and eat good food” is a fine way to spend an evening. Every once in a while, though, it can be fun to create an actual setting and theme for your party, ask everyone to dress up, have authentic food and music, and really go all out. This party suggestion is the “go all out” kind. If you are wanting to curl up in a ball and go to a happy place, you had better not continue reading. For those who are not faint of heart, or in my case, slightly lazy…let’s get the ideas rolling.

Party Idea: Mexican Fiesta.

* Music: If it is in the budget, hire a band to play the real thing. You know, serenades, dances, etc. Otherwise, have the music playing in a place that all can hear and enjoy.

* Decorations: Set up the entire place, whether indoors or out, as a Mexican villa or a desert hideaway. There are scene setters available that show the tile and stucco that is so genuinely south of the border, or a desert scene setter with cactus and the like. Scene setters are particularly nice because the artwork has been done, it looks professional and it covers a lot of space. A pinata and sombreros would also be a nice addition.You can add in whatever finishing touches you want.

* Food: Because most of us love Mexican fare, with the American twist on it, it is really a matter of deciding what you want, and what the budget will allow. Are you thinking sit-down dinner or casual finger foods? Do you want disposable plates and cups to match, or stoneware that looks like it belongs? A few ideas for finger foods are: homemade chips (corn or flour tortillas cut in wedges and deep fried and salted) with fresh salsa. Mangoes, pineapple, corn, and black beans are great compliments to a fresh homemade salsa. Fresh fruit with lime juice squeezed on top–mangoes, kiwis, pineapple, etc. For a main course meal, enchiladas or tamales, with a side of flavored beans or rice. Whatever you decide, don’t forget the cilantro. It has the ability to transform an ordinary dish into something delicious.

Set a date far enough in advance that you can have an RSVP, but not so far that everyone forgets. Ask everyone to dress the part. A party is so much more enjoyable when everyone participates, even if it means getting out of comfort zones. Ole!

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